Intro to the Masterful Python API

The easiest way to access all the power of the Masterful CV platform is the CLI Trainer. But if you need even more control over your training process, you can use the Masterful Python API, which is built on top of Tensorflow 2. (Support for PyTorch coming soon).

With the Masterful Python API, you can:

  • Mix and match Masterful’s metalearners with your own methods for discovering hyperparameters.

  • Generate your own console output format.

  • Integrate with custom datasets

  • Work with CV tasks not yet supported by the CLI Trainer: Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation.

  • Access standaline APIs like the Distillation, Ensembling, and Automatic Labeling via SSL functions.

Get started

Train your first model using the Masterful Python API:

  • The guide to classification of the same flower dataset used in the Tensorflow tutorial.

  • The guide to object detection, starting with the classic Pascal VOC dataset.

  • The guide to semantic segmentation, using the classic Oxford Pets dataset.